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The kingfisher is the halcyon bird. I began this Blog when following its path as a gypsy in my fourwheelcamper. I continue to seek stories of reciprocity for birds, all wildlife and wildlands. Always I track kingfishers that link us to our precious freshwaters and to myths of transformation. Please delve in! Marina Richie

About Marina Richie

I am a freelance writer based in Bend, Oregon. I  write about the natural world in a myriad of ways, from this personal blog to books, articles, interpretive panels, blogs for causes I believe in, and websites. My current major professional project is to write interpretive signs with a focus on seabirds for the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge at 34 locations along the Oregon coast, mostly within Oregon State Parks.  I also write for the National Wildlife Federation.   And yes, I am writing a book about belted kingfishers (that show up in several blogs).

I serve as president of the Board of Directors for Greater Hells Canyon Council.   Recently, after writing a conservation article about saving Asian elephants, I became inspired to bring Elephant Friendly Tea to Oregon and now represent the project here.

Twitter: @kingfisherquest

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SAMPLE MY WORK(Note that some of my work appears under my given name of Deborah Richie)

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Bug Feats of Montana

National Wildlife Federation Blog on Monarch Butterflies

Antarctic Sea Spiders in Research View

Here I am hiking up to the summit of Eagle Cap in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. I am on the Board of Directors of Hells Canyon Preservation Council, dedicated to protecting the wilds of this grand ecosystem.
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